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Make the Switch to Healthier Food Options

Easy to read, easy to speak, but harder to do!


There are many sources of advice that all speak a common language when advising and informing the public how important it is to re-frame the way society as a whole consumes food. They are readily available and easily accesible  to the public. It is easy to read information, and think to yourself of the many changes that you're willing to make. In fact, it is harder to do!


As a society,cwe are pressed and persuaded indirectly to do the wrong things when it comes to food consumption.

The fact is the unhealthy options are cheaper, and put in front of us, but advertised as friendly, inviting environments.


The good is kept at a distance, accessible, but harder to reach. It exists, but it requires an effort mentally, physically, and financially, which makes it difficult to sustain a clean eating  lifestyle. 


The benefits of clean eating are many. A life without additives can prevent much more than extra weight.
"Clean eating" promotes a stronger immune response in combating diseases such as diabetes, as well as digestive tract cancers such as cancers of the colon. 

Our bodies become addicted to added sugars and added preservatives, often without our realization. Breaking this addiction is not easy. Once the change to cleaner eating is put into effect, the body will often go through glucose withdrawals producing symptoms such as headaches, irritability, and intense sugar cravings.

There are many stores, shops, and supermarkets who specialize in carrying whole, unprocessed ingredients in America and Europe alike. It is important to locate and identify which stores will be able to sustain your choice to turn to a healthy eating lifestyle.  

At the end of the day, the choice is left to the consumer. Convenience is a persuasive factor, but in relation to food consumption, convenience isn't always associated with what is healthiest.